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I hear most…

I hear more home buyers ask me why its so hard to reach their Realtor. Why doesnt my agent answer their phone? Or return my call until the next day or two? Let me tell you, with homes selling as fast as they are right now, the best way to never be able to buy a home is keep an agent that doesnt answer their phone or return calls. The absolute 2nd biggest complaint you will hear from buyers, is that after they signed the contract, they could never reach their Agent.  Your agent should be holding your hand every step of the way. If its hard for you to get a response before you find a home to write an offer on, best of luck during the transaction. Its almost like marriage, they are supposed to be courting you and impressing you while looking for homes. If it is already bad at the beginning, I can only recommend for your own piece of mind, find another Realtor. I happen to know a great one. She is a great Realtor in Temecula and surrounding areas. Her name is Sokha Ngov and her cell # is (951) 290-8577 🙂  Nothing like a personal referral on your own site.  I’m here to help if youre experiencing what I have mentioned above. You should NEVER have that kind of an experience. Take Care, I am only a phone call away.


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